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Spiritualism is…

Spiritualism constitutes the link of all religions.
The real purpose of Spiritualism is the union of all human faiths into one and only Principle. This means the popularization and application of Humanitarianism.
All the Great Mystics, Prophets and Saints have used Spiritualism as the right Principle to elevate man psychically and enlighten him spiritually.

G. Pisanis

The existence of the Spiritual World is a reality which is proven by all world religions. Man’s innate religious inclination is based on the ability of communication between the two worlds, Heaven and Earth.

From the very ancient times, people sought, discovered and applied various means of calling the invisible beings and communicating with them, guided by an inner attraction to the unknown after-world. They could not define this attraction but they felt it as an inner necessity of their existence.

The world of the Spirits is the other side of our world. It is the world where we all come from, and where we will inevitably end up. In this world there are souls which were dear to us on Earth and they continue to care about the people on Earth.

The contact and communication between the two worlds, therefore, is nothing daemonic or satanic. It is rather a gift of the Divine Providence.

Spiritualism does not adopt dogmatic positions; it is rather a result of systematic experiments and scholastic research. A huge number of scientists of all specialties have spent a lot of time and ink in the investigation of the spiritualistic phenomena, and their work has given excellent results.

The two categories of Positive and Negative spiritualism result from the basic differentiation between good and evil Spirits. Positive spiritualism is based on the communication or the action of good spirits. Negative spiritualism is based on the action of evil spirits.

The existence of the two categories of spiritualism, positive and negative, does not mean that we should use both. We must always try to contact the good spirits and avoid contacting the evil ones. The need to differentiate between these two qualities of the spirits is an essential term of true spiritualism, which tries to raise the level of the human values to that of the heavenly life.The true spiritualism does not tend to material things but to the moral elevation and perfectioning of humans.

The newer spiritualism does not introduce new daemons. It rather reveals, or it has re-discovered the eternal truths about the relations and contacts between the two Worlds.

All the findings of spiritualism are subject to the free and objective scrutiny for their validity. It is unacceptable for people with no experience and knowledge of spiritual phenomena and theories to discard everything without the slightest investigation.

Communications do not happen arbitrarily. They follow laws and rules which must be applied by man, in order for the best possible result to be achieved. All these things lie under the study of spiritualism.

Today, spiritualism has the main directions:

  • To objectively prove the existence of the Spiritual World and the immortality of the soul.
  • To give to mankind the right teachings, so much for our duties, as well as for the big problems which are of concern to us.

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