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A brief description of the book: Gandhi CONCENTRATION AND SPIRITUALISM

Complementary work for those who want to extend their knowledge about Spiritualism and its practical aspect, which finds application on the teachings of the great Yogis with concentration, divine current (prana), and meditation…

Introductory for those who want to learn about and initiate in Yoga and its practices…Necessary for those who already practice it…

The compilation of this work was attended by the great teacher of Indies, Mahatma Gandhi, while complementary lessons were given by other great teachers like Socrates, Homer and Hippocrates.

Through simple-to-apply exercises, the knowledge of Indies meets the people of the West, adapted to their different way of life… a necessary adaptation so that the practices of Yoga do not become dangerous…

… leading us gradually to our esoteric awakening and the utilization of our inner powers

Some content’s of the book: Gandhi CONCENTRATION AND SPIRITUALISM

  • What qualifications must the trainees have
  • The seven major plexuses
  • What is Karma
  • General rule on breathing
  • Colourful rays of the entity
  • Transmission of thought
  • Thought and imagination
  • Exercise for absorption of prana
  • How to revitalize your circulatory system
  • Healing from a distance

Sample text 1 of the book: Gandhi CONCENTRATION AND SPIRITUALISM

Prologue of Greek Edition (by the Editor)

The contexts of this book differ significantly from the material given by other books on the subject of concentration and yoga exercises. The difference lies on the fact that the reader must be knowledgeable on the matters of Spiritualism and must believe in the ability of human communication with the invisible entities of the Spiritual World. Such invisible entities may, in many cases, become visible.

Why is the knowledge of Spiritualism useful? It is needed because the trainee receives directly help from the Heavenly entities close to him. These entities are his guardian angel, teachers of various degrees and even friends and relatives, provided they have reached a high degree of evolution. Thus, when the trainee is a) conscious of the presence of the superior entities and their ability to intervene in his path and b) is realizing and accepting their particular actions (even if they are not directly felt), then he is tremendously facilitated in his efforts and achieves unexpected and miraculous results.

On the contrary, if the trainee bases his efforts entirely on his own powers, not recognizing or accepting the freely offered heavenly help, then his efforts will not produce worthwhile results. His progress remains in low levels and is directed mainly towards the acquisition of material things.

In the present book we give first the theoretical elements on the subjects of self-concentration and the divine current (prana). Secondly, we give the exercises that will help the absorption and the multivariate utilization of this divine current. This is the theory and practice of concentration, in combination, as we said, with the knowledge of Spiritualism. United into a powerful combination, they provide the quintessence of all the relevant knowledge that could be useful to the Western Man.

Spiritualistic Society of Athens

Sample text 2 of the book: Gandhi CONCENTRATION AND SPIRITUALISM

Pictures impregnated by thought


You consider thoughts as abstract in their nature. This is a deception. The Lord has mentioned in his teachings that you can sin in your thoughts. This is very true because thought is a picture and you can materialize this picture when you have acquired prana. Thus the abstract thing becomes concrete.

Pay good attention to your thoughts. The repetition of a thought impregnates it with material substance. The end result can be either beneficial or detrimental. Each step in a person’s life must be reflected upon with great consideration.


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