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HIPPOCRATES: Medicine is a Sacred Duty


A Teaching by Hippocrates

An introductory Teaching by Hippocrates about Medicine and the duties of doctors.

From our publication: “Spiritual Medicine”

With the Holy Grace, oh Lord, I assume my high duties for the salvation of the human race. First, though, I would like that the world of ignorance (and I mean the world of the earthly wisdom), pays close attention to what I have to say.

The art of medicine is not just an art; it is first of all a sacred duty. If the doctor does not have the strength to go after the diseases as a hunter, he should better follow another profession.

Medicine is directly tied to the Deity. Self-interest should not interfere with medicine.

Medicine is the only science, which is sacred. Whoever takes advantage of a poor person, of a person unable to pay his dues or benefits from the attraction of the women for his own pleasure, he sins as the worse of the sinners.

Doctors have the obligation to heal, even if that means putting their own lives at risk. Doctors should have no interest in profit and they should not succumb to the various pleasures of man. They should be moderate, they should seek all that is beneficial and they should fight against all that is harmful. They should give advises and they should help those who suffer. If these virtues are not applied, then a doctor is not a doctor but a merchant of souls. He trades with something that does not belong to him and he will give account in the Divine Inquisition.

If humanity today has problems finding the antidotes, this is only due to the materialistic profiting of the so-called doctor, who, despite his deceitful knowledge, he is incapable of doing good to humanity.

I will help only the few, the able, the real doctors of the Divine Enlightenment. Only to them I will give the light. All others, who will try to steal this right, I am forced by the Divine Principle to render them totally incapable, so that they are destroyed by their own sins.

Thank you, Lord, for the new force, which enters from this time on into the spotlight of the necessity. Thank you.

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