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HOMER: Who is Man?

A Teaching by Homer.

From our publication: “Man and Peace”


Blessed be your Name, Lord, for ever and ever.

Who is man?

This molecule of the universe is a material entity indissolubly uniting both soul and spirit. That is to say, two thirds of it are Heavenly and one third is Earthly. As you can observe, the Heavenly is predominant. This means that man has some kind of mission on Earth which will enable him to arrive more perfected in Heaven.

Why does the earthly third of his being, that is, his body, prevail over the other two thirds?

Because the soul and matter are counterbalanced. The spirit in­clines more heavily to one side or the other. If the spirit possesses pure enlightenment it will incline towards the soul. If not, it will incline to­wards the body. If it is unsure and inclines at times towards the one and at times towards the other, then it is not stable in any one direction and, during one of its inclinations towards the body, it may commit an evil act.

The vacillations of the spirit take place when the soul has not the strength to bring it under subjection permanently. Why is there this difference in psychic strength between one being and another?

This is the mystery which man cannot explain. Not because he is lacking in resources, but because he goes forward in the darkness with­out illumination. If he were illuminated by the True Light he would understand much which today eludes him.

Maybe the Lord was unfair towards souls, giving psychic strength to some and weakness to others. “Something like that must have hap­pened” say the experts. This is my answer to them :

God, my dear people, was unjust to no-one. When they were cre­ated all had the same strength. But why is one person’s strength greater than another’s? Because strength is a talent; whoever cultivates it is suc­cessful, and whoever believes it is unnecessary to cultivate it, remains weak.

“Why” you will ask, “didn’t all souls cultivate their talents?”

Because they did not know that they would come and be incarnated on Earth, which was unknown to them. In Heaven all enjoyed their freedom whether or not they cultivated their talents. And when they were incarnated only a few possessed strength. The rest were subject to their spirit, which, having no link with Divinity, possessed neither reason nor judgement.

Reason and judgement were developed in the human being over thousands of years by experience, struggle, toil and suffering. Still man was not able to say that he was a possessor of knowledge, for knowl­edge is something indeterminate when we do not know how to make use of it as befits a man who possesses it.

Man, therefore, is a being composed of soul and spirit, who is incar­nated in order to cultivate both his soul and his spirit.

There exist beings who have great psychic strength, who never came to your Earth and never will. They are the Archangels of the Lord, of the Uncreated, of the Father of all, of the Creator, of Whom we shall speak in another chapter.

Therefore there exist in the Heavenly Kingdom beings who have never seen your World with earthly eyes. One of these beings was the incar­nated Lord, the only one who came down from Heaven knowing all that would take place. Yet He came three times in order to possess the Sceptres of Heaven. The other Beings could not have achieved what the Lord achieved.

He prepared the ground, at a time when there was no belief in God. His task was difficult: nobody understood what He was saying and con­sidered him insane! He suffered much. The second time He preached like a prophet: a voice in the wilderness! The third time He knew the method of His Teaching and did not come to be crucified, but to consolidate the Religion of the One True God.

This is the point in time when the ancient spirit of the Greeks and that of the Christians work together. Reason and spirit produced their first fruits for the Divinity, for those produced prior to Monotheism were imperfect. The Lord corrected the imperfections so as not to abolish them as inaccurate communications between the Divine Power and the Prophets.

If Mankind realised what it owes to its Great Reformer and Saviour, it would change and become devout. But I have already explained why the strength of his being has impeded man.

Man, this unknown mystery within man! That is what I am going to explain first.

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