Indicative Texts

Indicative Texts

In this section we present Texts from our Publications

SRI YOGANANDA: The world religion should be One

From our publication “Speeches of Great Mystics”

18 – 11 – 1971

SRI YOGANANDA: On behalf of the Divine Principle I bless the dear brethren and the friends of this Center.

I don’t think I have to introduce myself. My name is known so much in my country, as well as in the West. I worked hard in my life because in the hardness of my exercises I was able to come into contact with the Supreme Principle, without me of course knowing This as a material picture. I developed inside me this intuition, so that through the intuition I saw and I sensed This great Force of the Universe World.

I am one of the first Teachers, who realized the great mission of Christ on Earth. We, as Indians, belong in the category of the Monotheists and as leaders we had Krishna and Rama. There were others, too. The Greatest of all, who remained unknown in our country, on purpose, was He whom you now call Archon Pharah, Who taught but left no written word in that holy place, Delhi. In another incarnation, he composed works in ancient Egyptian, which were lost. They will be found some day. They are the most correct from what was written until his era. These works belong to Enoch, who is none else but brother Pharah.

The movement of the various dogmas of the Christian religion is advancing and the dogmas must be eradicated, in order to be unified with the rest of the World’s religions. GOD is One! The Holy Trinity is One! And one ought to be the world’s religion, which is aiming for peace, in order to sow Love. Without Peace, this flower that Heaven calls Love cannot blossom.

We have attended to it, that the great Teachers of India after our time come into contact with the West and cooperate for the good of Humanity. Unfortunately, the obstacles are many. They will be put aside because this is a Divine will. And the representatives of the various beliefs ought to clean up their religions from the daemons.

Those who believe in the circular Serpent are the worst of all human beings. They are the most cunning and dark in their decisions and actions. Them the Deity will punish.

Sri Yogananda

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