Title: Euclid EROS – LIFE – DEATH

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Pages: 180

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A brief description of the book: Euclid EROS – LIFE – DEATH

The Spiritual Leader Euclid, the Spirit of the famous ancient Greek mathematician, has given us a masterpiece from Heaven. It is a dramatic story in the art of a Shakespearean play. It is the true story of four persons who lived in a very old era, 4500 years before Christ, in the ancient lands of Egypt and Chaldea and who have reincarnated in our time, in order to fulfill their purpose.

Filled with lyricism and vibrant descriptions of an ancient period, Euclid’s narration gives us eternal messages from Heaven that concern all humanity. Linios, Marcy, Charif and Myra, the four protagonists of the story, have strived through the ages – in subsequent reincarnations – to obtain the golden rule of moderation and to achieve their life’s ideal.

Some content’s of the book: Euclid EROS – LIFE – DEATH

  • EROS – LIFE – DEATH (4500 B.C.)
  • How Harif met Myra
  • Linios on the way
  • Linios in the house of his sister, Myra
  • Harif and Myra in Chaldea
  • Marcy in the role of the priestess
  • To the Temple of Isis
  • The silent contemplation of Marcy
  • The Observatory
  • Jilna escapes
  • Linios and Marcy meet
  • The song of Eros, Life and Death
  • Unexpected meeting

Sample text 1 of the book: Euclid EROS – LIFE – DEATH

“Most reverent,” answered the young man, “I came from Chaldea. My descent is Greek.”

“This, my young man, is very pleasant. You do not know that in our Archives we keep Books, where the deep roots of your descent are noted down. Your centuries-old ancestors belonged to the Atlantean race. The characteristic of your lineage is that it originates from the Mystics of the lost Great Continent. I, myself, descend from the same branch, although today I belong to Egypt. If you knew, my friend, what you have offered, especially you of the Greek race, to the esoteric advancement of humanity, you would stand astonished! Also with your out-worldly knowledge, as well as with your technical knowledge, you created a unique civilization for the general benefit of the human race. I know many things about the root of your race…

I learned from my spiritual daughter Ioha, that you are an architect. This is evidence that this inclination of yours is hereditary. Your root is lost within the centuries that passed. I know that you seek your sister. I will help you to find her again. She has not abandoned you because of indifference, as you think. The young woman fell in love to such a degree, that her mind was clouded in order to satisfy the desire of her heart, from which her feeling sprang.

Sample text 2 of the book: Euclid EROS – LIFE – DEATH

Since in eternity, as you know, the earthly time does not exist, no person, including the Clergy, was ever able to perceive the Deity. Each person, due to his or her own perception, has a different opinion about the concept of God, not corresponding to the real one. This is due to innermost egoism, selfishness and most of all, to total ignorance in the perception of the Invisible World.

Therefore, the biggest part of the population of your Earth lacks the meaning of humanitarianism! It is natural then that these people cannot transubstantiate in themselves the sacred and deeper concepts of the Spiritual World, not only for their own benefit but for the benefit of their fellowmen, as well, so that they all help, in a feasible way, the Divine Economy. People have not been able yet to give a precise meaning to the Divine Economy. They have misinterpreted it and they rest on their crystallized, morbid imagination!

I am certain that these people cannot understand my narration in depth because they lack the penetrative power. The pictures I give are from a past period and they take place again today, despite the erroneous ideas of some people and their rotten inspirations about God and the Creation.

Thus, the two main characters of my historical narration, Linios and Marcy, him being 30 years old and her being 23 years old, demonstrate that, within the inconceivable eternity, the Spiritual World tries to carry out its Work under peculiar life conditions!

Four persons of that period exist today in your life. The two of them, who interest us more, are Linios and Marcy. If they can transubstantiate, as free spirits, the purpose of Him Who has given them a constructive opportunity through the ages, then let them successfully contribute to His Work.

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