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A brief description of the book: Hippocrates SPIRITUAL MEDICINE

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, is the Leader of the Society of Invisible Doctors in Heaven. As a Spirit now he gives invaluable lessons to humanity on a wide spectrum of medical issues, including explanations on phenomena concerning the human organism and its health.

From the usage of herbs in curing diseases to the nature of cancer and from Spirit Doctors to the poisons of modern lifestyle for man’s health.

Hippocrates explains how the medical profession has taken the wrong direction by seeking material profit. Modern doctors should first have humanitarian values, so that they are enlightened by the Spiritual World and can advance medical science for the help of humanity.

Some content’s of the book: Hippocrates SPIRITUAL MEDICINE

INTRODUCTORY TEACHING: Medicine is a Sacred Duty

  • The bond between man and woman
  • The number one enemy of man
  • About euthanasia
  • The powers of the Word
  • Eros, a pitfall of nature
  • About old age
  • Heredity
  • What is apparent death?
  • What is psychosis?
  • Sleepwalking
  • On the birth of males and females
  • The holy water
  • The diseases, gifts of the misfortune
  • The doctor is responsible for the spreading of the diseases
  • The unknown organism of man
  • The serpent, symbol of Knowledge
  • The indissoluble of the psycho-spiritual entity
  • The grass
  • The secret reason for the difference of the two genders
  • Sexology (Part A’)
  • Sexology (Part B’)
  • Science walks in darkness
  • Atmosphere with breeding-spots
  • Parthenogenesis
  • How the invisible forces act
  • Psychology is mistaken as science
  • Multiple personalities
  • The definition of life
  • The serpent knows how to choose the herbs
  • About the burying of the bodies
  • The perjurers of their noble profession
  • The meaning of fasting
  • The inhibition of conception with artificial means
  • The snake as serpent
  • Directions for the creation of a Circle for healings
  • Complementary directions for the healings-Circle
  • About the birth of twins, etc.
  • About Psychology
  • What are the “psychic” diseases
  • The seed of the Divine Word
  • The elixir of all diseases
  • About hardness of hearing
  • The Science of Heaven
  • The Society of the Invisible Doctors
  • Your faith facilitates our actions
  • Eyesight care
  • Spiritual energy through irradiation
  • About cures
  • The Apostle Luke as doctor
  • Dialog between Hippocrates and Galen
  • The energy of the current-flowing forces
  • Special irradiation’s
  • The medicine of Heaven neutralizes all things
  • Specification of tasks
  • The importance of order
  • The doctors have assumed a sacred duty
  • The earthly drugs cause side effects
  • Clarifications about the cures
  • Explanation about the medicines of Heaven
  • Blessing is a power of the Divine
  • Complementary clarifications
  • Extension of the cures
  • About the Doctors A (alpha) and Ω (omega)
  • The three ways of therapy
  • Do not ask for direct action
  • Places in the body to which the manifested diseases correspond
  • The Spiritual World does not want anything in return
  • The invisible fluid
  • The leaf from the Plane Tree of Hippocrates
  • Directions for the Sector of the Divine Operations
  • Medical consciousness
  • About artificial means of birth
  • Clarifications about the embryos
  • The mystery of gestation
  • The believer understands the Divine Light
  • Directions on the cures
  • What is the mission of the Channel
  • The way of the cures
  • Patience strengthens faith
  • The Invisible Doctors
  • Do not show contempt to the Divine Work
  • The way of the surprises
  • Intuition, guide of the doctors .
  • We do not perform miracles, we cure
  • Explanation of mechanism of the living beings

Sample text 1 of the book: Hippocrates SPIRITUAL MEDICINE

The medicine of Heaven neutralizes all things


You all know that, when in a place which is hermetically closed you light up a fire, after the existing oxygen is used up, the fire will be quenched.

The human body, however, is different than the chamber, which is hermetically closed. When the patient has a point of contamination, like the fire this is not supplied with pure oxygen, but little by little, the place where the contamination point exists is being degraded. If you attempt an operation, the oxygen enters into the point and multiplies that weak part, so that there is no way of saving the patient. For this reason, the Spiritual World rushes, before the operation takes place, to intervene and quench that small fire, which you call hearth, and then, through its irradiations it heals completely the weak part. Thus, you prevent the symptoms of cancer.

As you realize, I do not explain things as a doctor but as a simple brother, in order to give you to understand how we act upon the human bodies. Because cancer does not have a few cases; it has many forms. You may cure one of its forms and later, through metastasis, another form shows up and the same medicine cannot heal the patient.

There is cancer of the blood, of the nerves and of the fibers, which is the worst of all. For us there is only one form, because the medicine of Heaven, through your faith, neutralizes everything. Within a short time, many tests will be made; you will see. For this reason we called you first to proselytize your doctors. They will ascertain for themselves the miracle of Heaven.

Until this moment people find constantly new drugs and none of them is effective. Until they come to find the real medicine, which nobody of you has ever imagined, a long time will pass. In the meantime, we ought to prove to everybody that the divine grace cannot be equaled to all human knowledge and through this we receive the current of healing.


Sample text 2 of the book: Hippocrates SPIRITUAL MEDICINE

Herbs as medicine


The Light has spoken. I will also speak briefly, as Science of the light. Because without light there is no Science. And if any of your fellowmen have the impression that they are machines and they transmit light, they create only darkness.

I wanted to speak about Botany. This subject is big and I should postpone it for another time. I will say very few things, though.

There is no disease in your Station that cannot be cured by the appropriate herbs. Even the most difficult or incurable ones could be cured with herbs, which people ignore or do not pay attention to because they think that these herbs are useless, since they do not contain the chemical compositions that people know. And they do not know that precisely these herbs contain another composition, as well, unknown to Chemists. And they prefer through their achievements with rocks and plants, whose precise composition they do not know, and with other means to give medicines to their fellowmen, treating the latter as guinea pigs!

Nature is so rich in everything, so that the human mind is poor and seeks its salvation from a certain disease in drugs that are useless for his health, whereas these, the herbs I mean, are in front of him, he sees them but he cannot understand that with them he could cure diseases, which torture and torment the whole humanity!

We, the Heavenly entities, are watching everything and we have left man free, through his research, his method and scientific qualification to investigate the simple, in order to find the complex.

Perhaps this phrase of mine is an oxymoron. It has its meaning, though, when the researcher finds only substance “A” and cannot find substance “B” in the same herb.

I occupied myself a lot on this aspect in Antiquity. I spent a lot of time researching, in order to learn because if you do not research, you cannot reach your goal.

Unfortunately, most doctors and scientists have taken the wrong path in their research and instead of benefiting humanity, they are tormenting it…


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