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A brief description of the book: INCORRUPTIBLE DISCOURSES – THE ECHO – (2nd Edition)

Great and known entities on earth – holding also a high position in the White State – Socrates, Confucius, Plato, Plutarch, V. Hugo, Newton, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Pythagoras, Homer, Schiller, Goethe, Beethoven, to mention a few, “parade” in this unique work giving, posthumously, valuable lessons and uniting their voices for the message of the coming of a New World…

A New, unquenchable Spring of Divine Light has been created, and the medium for this are the current texts. It will not be long until man – having been awakened – will stand worthy next to his Creator, carrying the complete responsibility and being fully conscious of the immaterial reality… the awareness of the Spiritual World.

Some content’s of the book: INCORRUPTIBLE DISCOURSES – THE ECHO – (2nd Edition)

  • Pharah: The powers of the Deity
  • Socrates: The Mysteries
  • Aristotle: The Logical Influence of the Word
  • Milton: How you will rediscover the lost Paradise
  • Pythagoras: The abstract and the concrete meaning of Numbers
  • Orpheus: Music as the harmonization of the Universe
  • Dante: Religion as the cleanser of the conscience
  • Chopin: The sensitiveness of music
  • Moses: God as an unknown dimension in power
  • Goethe: The psychometry of being
  • L. Tolstoy: From ignorance to blindness
  • Gandhi: Sacrifice liberates the brethren
  • Jules Verne: The imagination takes precedence over science
  • Hippocrates: Sickness as the gift of misfortune
  • Job: The perfection of Station Omega
  • Ezekiel: Prophecy conceals the events that are to take place in the future
  • Dostoyevsky: Anatomy of the Word

Sample text 1 of the book: INCORRUPTIBLE DISCOURSES – THE ECHO – (2nd Edition)

The Hour of the Struggle


T0 my beloved brethren, man’s life is a continual struggle. So long as he exists on the Earth he struggles to live and to enjoy the good things of the Earth. But this is not the struggle that we have in mind for man. The struggle that we have in mind is the struggle of his spirit, which should be an ideal struggle, higher than all the other struggles of his life. What is this struggle?

The hour has come for you to take part in it, so that you may see its results and then praise the Lord who has given you the impetus to engage in the divine battle for the elevation of your being. I say that the hour of the struggle has come. This means that the moment of assault against the Evil Spirit and the distress that it brings on you has arrived.

Our battle mediates with pure enlightenment, free from every energy except that of the Good and Virtuous Spirit. Those in whom the spirit of divine Enlightenment is developed will play a pre-eminent part in this battle of divine purpose. It is a battle that is peaceful, enlightening and Heavenly; that is to say, you will have fighting at your side the Leaders of the Celestial Powers.

I, the humble undersigned, servant of the Lord, have a special place in His natural Laws. I examine the capacity of every being and according to its psychic strength I reinforce and invigorate the intensity of the emission of its divine Light. Out of nothing I draw conclusions, I check these and then I act, as a special power of the Celestial Light. The work that I have undertaken is difficult and very laborious, since it requires great attention and the incessant observation of the individual being, so that no irrevocable mistakes may happen. You will understand now why I said that my work is laborious. Not because souls grow weary, as man does. But they tire as spirits energizing in a single direction. The struggle of incorruptibility is a sacred struggle, a struggle of inner enlightenment, a struggle to annihilate continual thought for deceptive materiality.

You live in a material world and you have need of the material resources of your life. But when you go beyond the bounds of moderation you do not think as men but as ravenous beasts, while your stomach is full. To the degree that you take things to excess, to that degree you harm your fellow man. In your world you should keep all things in moderation, otherwise you will suffer the burdens of the Earth in the Heavens as well.

If you do not preserve the measure (and this is rare) of kindness, you will suffer the ingratitude of earthly life. But if (and this is frequent) you excel in your bad actions you will suffer the burdens of Heaven. Follow the middle way and give battle for the divine Word, so that the Earth may become the occasion for the balancing of soul and spirit. This is what Heaven asks for. It does not ask for the impossible, but only for what is possible for men to do. The hour of struggle is the beginning of our Victory, so that Virtue may be crowned as the divine gift of the Primal Cause to Man.


Sample text 2 of the book: INCORRUPTIBLE DISCOURSES – THE ECHO – (2nd Edition)

Wandering Phantoms


The word phantom, my brethren, means a being presented to your fantasy. But how does this come about when you have no such image in your thought and you see before you a person known or unknown who speaks or moves in the room, though you do not know how he came to be there?

In our land certainly the opinion prevails that phantoms are souls coming from the beyond in order to give you proof of their immortality. The simple-minded believe them; scientists attribute their appearance to the fantasy of the person who sees them, and a section of the brethren make fun of these claims which come – so they say – from an excessive fear of solitude etc.

Unfortunately all of you are deceived in these matters. You have never seriously thought what phantoms may be and what their purpose is.

The greater part of the souls that have departed this life and that go to the Heavens do not enter directly into the Kingdom of the Lord, for reasons which Spiritual World has often explained. These souls wander about the ether. Some are unruly and some await for an indefinite time for their admittance to the place for which they are destined. Such souls are feeble in power; they have their freedom, and they move within your atmosphere, creating impressions on those who concern themselves with them.

They often enter into your optical nerve and transmit their image to your fantasy, without those who are around you being aware of the fact. On other occasions they borrow powers from their brethren on the Earth (as in the case of ectoplasm) and then they assume a form in front of many of your brethren, in which case all testify that the phenomenon is genuine. The phantom cannot harm you in any way. But you yourselves are likely to be terrified at its appearance and so to inflict damage on yourselves or to communicate your fear to other brethren.

Do not attach any importance to these visions. They are free to appear to your sight in order to arouse you and so that you may accept that souls do not die but are immortal. But, as I said, souls do not appear for that purpose alone; often they darken your perceptions. When you are frightened, they are amused or take on a severe mien in order to give an impression of weight to their appearance.

You have doubts about phantoms because they are wandering souls. The Spiritual World is in a position to give you a full explanation of the various circumstances in which they appear.

There are circumstances in which you do not see the phantom and yet this performs a piece of music on the keys of the piano in order to give you a sign that it is present, since it does not posses the requisite power to assume the form it possessed before death. The circumstances are infinite.

Do not be influenced by these phenomena, for they have no good purpose. They are regarded as parasites since they do not have a place within the embrace of Our Spiritual Kingdom.

The Spirits in question have a preference for cold and dark States, as well as for watery (islands) and rocky places. But they remain as lower spirits, even if they have been wronged, base and coarse and sometimes cunning and capricious.

You have in your hands the glorious Knowledge of the Sun. Draw your learning from that. When I say “Knowledge of the Sun”, I mean by this the Heavenly warmth of the Lord. This is the only knowledge that will give you everything, provided that you are faithful and obedient to what He says.


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