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A brief description of the book: SPIRITUALISM AND HUMAN EVOLUTION Dimitrios Makrygiannis

This work deals with all the spiritualistic phenomena. More importantly, it deals with eternal issues like the origin, the life and the purpose of man on Earth in a clear and understandable manner. What is indeed our purpose on this physical plane? What is the difference between the soul and the spirit? What do we mean by “karma” and “destiny” and what is the meaning of reincarnation? Are there any differences between the two sexes and how do we understand the free will of man? What is the structure of the world of the spirits and how do guardian angels help us in our path?

From the meaning of “Moderation”, as the golden rule of our earthly life, to the reality of the Spiritual World and from Religion, Medicine and Justice to the concepts of the Astral Body, Telepathy and Clairvoyance, many confusing issues and misunderstandings are seen for the first time through a new light and the most difficult questions find clear and simple answers by an enlightened mind, which has penetrated deep into the field of Spiritualism.

Some content’s of the book: SPIRITUALISM AND HUMAN EVOLUTION Dimitrios Makrygiannis

Chapter A: Man and His Destination

  1. What is man
  2. The distinction between soul and spirit
  3. Reincarnation
  4. The meaning of karma
  5. Destiny
  6. Conscience and subconscious
  7. Egoism
  8. Moderation, the golden rule of the earthly life
  9. Outer and inner progress
  10. The differences of the two genders
  11. The freedom of the will

Chapter B: Spiritualistic Phenomena

  1. Introductory remarks
  2. About spirits in general
  3. The ectoplasm
  4. Phenomena associated with physical activities
  5. Apport (appearance) and asport (disappearance) of objects
  6. Telecinitic phenomena
  7. Mediumistic and spirit writing
  8. Mediumistic and spirit voice
  9. Artistic expressions
  10. Clairvoyance and clairaudience

Chapter C: The Pure Spiritualism

  1. The importance of spiritualism
  2. The qualities of channeling or mediumship
  3. Categories of channels
  4. Dangers from channeling
  5. How communications should be performed
  6. Fake spiritual identities
  7. The two aspects of the Word and of Logic
  8. The esoteric and metaphysical quests
  9. Parapsychology
  10. The gift of prophecy and divine inspiration
  11. The prana or the divine current

Chapter D: The Spiritual World

  1. What is the Spiritual World
  2. The Creation
  3. The ancestral sin and the fall
  4. The Earth as Station A
  5. The ladder of the ascending and the descending souls
  6. The barrier of Forgetfulness
  7. The Transit Center
  8. The Report Center
  9. The punished entities
  10. The 24 Stations of evolution
  11. The 24th Station or Paradise
  12. The Center of the Spiritual Splendor
  13. The 13 Councils
  14. The Palace of the Lord and His Stars

Sample text 1 of the book: SPIRITUALISM AND HUMAN EVOLUTION Dimitrios Makrygiannis

Chapter A:

2. The distinction between soul and spirit

The soul is the divine element inside every living being and it constitutes the motive power of the being in all aspects. The divine energy governs all in the whole universe, originating in the essence of the One Unknown God. It is compared to the solar radiation, which emanates from the sun’s body and is transmitted throughout the whole solar system. Thus, one ray of the divine energy is transmitted into each living being and it constitutes its soul.

The necessity of the existence of the soul is absolutely crucial. Physics teaches that no material body can move on its own, unless it is acted upon by an external force. Therefore, the bodies of the living beings could never move by themselves, if they did not contain a non-material element as a starting point for their motive qualities…

Sample text 2 of the book: SPIRITUALISM AND HUMAN EVOLUTION Dimitrios Makrygiannis

Chapter B:

2. About spirits in general

What are spirits?

Most people have an unexplained and undefined fear when they hear about spirits. This is due to the unknown factor and because people think that the world of the spirits is the world of the dead and they must not get close to it. Other people treat the subject with irony because they do not believe that spirits really exist.

Things have to be made clear so that there are no superstitions and unexplained fears.

In the first part we talked about man’s soul and the spirit, which are inseparably united and form the psycho-spiritual entity. Man is, therefore, a psycho-spiritual entity which is trapped inside the material cover, the human body.

During birth the psycho-spiritual entity enters the human body and at death it is freed from it. When the entity resides in the body, it is called a human being and when it has no material body it is called a spirit.

From an ontological point of view, the spirits are the same as the human beings but they are not limited by matter and so they have the ability to move in four dimensions1 and to have greater perception and knowledge than the human beings.

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