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A brief description of the book: THE APOCRYPHAL YEARS OF JESUS

Unknown pieces from the apocryphal years of Jesus… moments taken from the years of his isolation, his studies and his spiritual preparation for the divine mission.

From the 12th to the 30th year of his life, we discreetly follow the Lord in a mystical journey to foreign lands of the ancient and to sacred places where, under the guidance of great mystics and celestial teachers, he awakened the divine forces in him and prepared himself for his deaconship.

Step by step we follow him in his lonely path, in order to better understand his mission on Earth and to receive inspiration in our life from the divine drama

Some content’s of the book: THE APOCRYPHAL YEARS OF JESUS

  • Chapter II: Jesus at the Temple
  • Chapter III: Jesus in the Desert
  • Chapter IV: Jesus in Tibet
  • Chapter V: The Decision
  • Chapter VI: Jesus in India
  • Chapter VII: Jesus in Egypt

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Chapter III: Jesus in the Desert

They crossed a long way into the dessert and they stopped at an oasis. Here they would spend days in silence, being in ecstasy and listening to the light murmurs of the soul. From time to time they would convene as if in a spiritualistic seance. They spent many weeks and months in those isolated parts in the silent desert. Sometimes they would receive direct teachings from Teachers of the Spiritual spheres who would incarnate at that place. Such incarnations also take place today but you rarely hear about them.

During this time Jesus took many lessons and the purpose of his earthly course was revealed to him there. This revelation was so lucid that it accompanied him to the end. During his deaconship, when the people who tried to bring him out of his path were becoming insistent, the remembrance of this revelation helped him and gave him strength.

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Chapter IV: Jesus in Tibet

“Come”, he said. “I will guide you to the one who awaits you”. Following the monk, they came to a person whom they immediately recognized as a Teacher. Here they really understood that they were on holy ground! They took off their shoes as they entered, according to the eastern tradition, and they started feeling an Invisible Presence in the room. While bowing their heads down, they awaited in wonderment. “My children” said the Teacher, “I see that you feel the invisible force that is within these walls. Here you will stay for a while because you have a lot to learn and to comprehend. You are free for two days to wander around the place, see the way of our life here and rest from the tiresome journey before you start your studies. Your work will be hard because two of you will have a lot to do and to teach when you go back to the world. The third one needs even bigger preparation because He will have to work and He will be called to take a decision that will change the way of thinking of the world, not only of his homeland but the of whole cosmos.”




It was during this time at the monastery on top of the mountain that Jesus first understood the Cross and the way that led to it. Your thoughts are now focused on the cross. We will talk about Him now for a while and then about the cross.




The angel proceeded to say: “It is not asked from you to take a final decision now.” However, before you started your studies at this place, it was considered necessary that you know the plan and that you are asked if you at least want to start this difficult and thorny path. Later though, if you decide to follow this path, the spirit of Christ will come upon you, in a wonderful baptism of power, and then the hour of final decision will come. Then you can select if you want the easier path of the people’s worship, which can even lead to an earthly kingdom or you can choose the more difficult path of love, which will lead you to the cross. From the human point of view the second path leads to a death of shame and humiliation but from a divine point of view it will be a triumphal victory of life over death. Briefly, this is the dilemma, my child. Think it over in calmness and stillness for a few days. Go deep inside the silence of your soul and ask yourself if you really feel that the holy spark inside can really flare up from the divine flame for completion of the divine plan.

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