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George PizanisThe Spiritualist Society of Athens “The Divine Light”: A historical background

The Spiritualist Society of Athens “The Divine Light” was formed out of a small spiritualist circle, which operated in the early fifties, in Athens, Greece. It started as a gathering of a few people who had a strong interest in Spiritualism and the metaphysical phenomena. The first séances took place in private places, usually in the house of one of the participants, and various mediums contacted the communications.

At that time, public acceptance of spiritualistic phenomena was still very low in Greece, compared to other places, like England, where even spiritualist churches were formed. However, a few people were showing increasing interest in paranormal and metaphysical phenomena and their activities attracted the attention of scholars and opened the door to metaphysical research.

Research interest and activities declined with time but the ground was fertile to receive the seeds of Pure Spiritualism, in the form of messages to humanity, transmitted from highly evolved Spiritual Entities. Indeed, the Catalogue of our Publications started transmitting teachings, now known as the Divine Light texts, to the Spiritual Society of Athens “The Divine Light”. The Channel of the Society was Mr. Georgios Pisanis

Mr. Pisanis attended the first sessions of the closed, family circle where he realized that he had channeling abilities. Moreover, Mr. Pisanis was a spiritualist who was primarily interested in Teachings from higher Spiritual Entities. During the years 1961 – 1979 he received a wealth of messages and teachings dictated by the Great Leaders of the Spiritual World, headed by an entity called “Archon Pharah” or “Light of Truth”. The team that became the nucleus of the Society started forming in 1969, and, since 1972 the Society operates legally and is certified as a non-profit organization with the name: Spiritualist Society of Athens “The Divine Light”. The communications, which contain the teachings of Heaven, are published by the Society into books.

It should be noted that Mr. Pisanis was the only channel through which the Divine Light texts were given to the Society from the Spiritual Leaders. He was a special entity, chosen and prepared to be the direct channel between Earth and the highest Order of the Spiritual World. This channel was impenetrable, in that no evil spirit could interfere in the communications.

Mr. Pisanis left this world in 1979, the day after the last communication was given and the Teaching of Heaven had been completed. His mission on Earth had ended.

Since the departing Mr. Pisanis, the Channel for the Divine Light texts, a main function of the Society has been the publication of his communications into books.

In addition, the Society is active today by participating in book fairs and exhibitions. These are all means to the main goal of the Society, which is to make these Texts known to the whole world.

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