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The Spiritualist Society of Athens “The Divine Light”: A historical background

The Spiritualist Society of Athens “The Divine Light” was formed out of a small spiritualist circle, which operated in the early fifties, in Athens, Greece. It started as a gathering of a few people who had a strong interest in Spiritualism and the metaphysical phenomena. The first séances took place in private places, usually in the house of one of the participants, and various mediums contacted the communications.

The group of people that became the nucleus of the Society started forming in 1969, and, since 1972, the Society operates legally and is certified as a non-profit organization with the name SPIRITUALIST SOCIETY OF ATHENS “THE DIVINE LIGHT”.

Mr. Georgios Pisanis attended the sessions of the closed circle initially as part of the audience and in 1961 his channeling abilities were revealed to him. He was a spiritualist himself, primarily interested in teachings from higher spiritual entities. During the years 1961 – 1979 he received a great number of messages and teachings, dictated by the Highest Hierarchy of the Spiritual World. These Teachings constitute the entire body of the transmitted Work.

It should be noted that Mr. Pisanis was the only Channel, through which the teachings of the Divine Light were transmitted to the Society from the Heavenly Teachers. He was a special entity, chosen and prepared to be the direct channel between Earth and the Supreme Authority of the Spiritual World, impenetrable from the interference of any cunning spirits.

Mr. Pisanis left this world in 1979, one day after the last communication was given. His mission on Earth had ended. The Work of Heaven upon the transmission of the Divine Teachings had been completed. Since the departing of Mr. Pisanis, the main function of the Society has been the publication of these Teachings into books. Our main goal is to make these Texts known to the whole world.

In addition, the Society is active today by participating in book fairs and exhibitions. Its members also convene regularly to hear, study and discuss the Teachings.

More about what is “The Divine Light”, you can find in this link.

Topics in the Texts

It is impossible to list here all the topics covered in the Divine Light texts but a few of the most important topics are summarized below:

  1. On the Spiritual World: Description of the structure of the Spiritual World.
  2. On Man’s purpose on Earth: Invaluable lessons for the understanding of our purpose on this physical plane and our duties as human beings.
  3. On Reincarnation and Karma: These fundamental truths constitute basic principles of Spiritualism and their meaning and importance are explained.
  4. On the soul and the spirit: The differentiation between soul and spirit becomes clear and the nature and role of each are explained in detail.
  5. On the two genders: About the distinguished roles of the two genders, whose understanding will lead to the advancement of humanity.
  6. On Evil: About the Evil Spirit and evil spirits, in general, and how evil is organized on Earth and afflicting the world.
  7. On natural phenomena and mysteries: Many communications and explanations have been given about unsolved mysteries and natural phenomena, like the Bermuda Triangle, flying saucers, and many more mysteries of Earth and Heaven.
  8. On the golden rule of Moderation: As it is explained in many communications, the golden rule of moderation is a fundamental principle of how to live our life on Earth.
  9. On science, medicine and law: Scientific truths and explanations in various areas of science, from the nature of electrism to the meaning of prana and the energy centers of our body.
  10. On religion and the clergy: Messages about how the clergy should behave and on the future unification of the Churches.
  11. On music: Many music composers have given communications about music, its nature and its importance.
  12. On history and ancient civilizations: Many texts contain historical descriptions of ancient civilizations, from the lost continent of Atlantis to the ancient Greeks.

This is only a small list of topics that are included in the Texts of the publications of the Spiritualist Society of Athens “The Divine Light”. The interested reader will find in these teachings a wealth of knowledge and the enlightenment to walk on the path that leads to Truth.

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