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Spiritualism consists of the connecting link between all religions.

The true purpose of Spiritualism is the union of all human beliefs and doctrines into a single Principle. This means the popularization and implementation of Humanism. All the great Mystics, Prophets and Saints sought, as Spiritualists, the right Principle, to elevate man spiritually and to enlighten him mentally.

G. Pisanis

Spiritualism has essentially to do with the contact of the two worlds, the Earthly one and the Heavenly one. The existence of the Spiritual World is a fundamental reality of all religions. In fact, people’s innate religiosity is based on the ability to communicate with the world of spirits.

Therefore, Spiritualism includes all the phenomena that take place during the contact between the two Worlds, because these phenomena are expressed by the energies and forces of spiritual entities, that is, spirits.

Through the centuries and in every culture, people sought contact with the invisible world of spirits. Priests of ancient Egypt, Pythias of ancient Greece, gurus of India, shamans, lamas, priests of all religions and generally all those who pray and meditate, in essence communicate with the Divine, to receive help and guidance. There exist, of course, those who invoke evil spirits for evil purposes.

People with an inquiring spirit realized that there exists something beyond the tangible reality, something that science could not explain and to which the Church could not give adequate and satisfactory answers. This was the reality of the world of spirits, an invisible world where all psychospiritual entities exist.

What rekindled the interest in Spiritualism was indeed the thirst of the advanced human spirit to find satisfactory answers to eternal, existential questions such as “Who are we?”, “What is our purpose on this planet?”, “What happens after death?” “,”Is the soul immortal?”, and more. With the various spiritual phenomena, it soon became apparent that the psychospiritual entity continues to exist after death and that the personality seems to be preserved. We now know that man is a psychospiritual entity (that is, he has spirit and soul, inextricably linked) and it is this entity that continues to exist after the death of the material body.

Thus, people inevitably sought contact with psychospiritual entities for various reasons. Most people merely wanted to get in touch with friends and relatives who had died. It is always a great relief for someone to know that their loved ones continue to exist. Others were simply curious to learn more about spiritual phenomena and few were those who sought the teachings and knowledge imparted by higher spirits.

Within this framework and global interest for spiritual phenomena, the Spiritualist Society of Athens “The Divine Light” was born.

Following are some excerpts from our book in Greek “Θεία Αρχή και Οργανωμένον Επουράνιον Βασίλειον’’ (“Divine Principle and Organized Heavenly Kingdom”, not translated in English yet), on Spiritualism, as formulated by the Channel himself, George Pisanis.

Communication with the Spiritual World is an ancient phenomenon. In other words, there is a contact of the Invisible with the visible World. When, therefore, the ancient (Greeks) spoke with Hades, that meant that they communicated with the Spirits.

Spiritual Centers exist all over the world. In some countries, they have a great deal of success! That is to say, the Spiritualists, in order to attract their brethren, they call on their endeared spirits, to their own solace or amusement, exchanging thoughts and views with them. Something that, surely, very often ends up in a tedious experiment with the afterlife.

There are also Spiritual Centers, where well-known or unknown spirits appear, which transmit their speech with a philosophical predisposition. All these manifestations of the spirits and their guidance on the earthly life of their brethren, prove the existence of life beyond the grave. As for these common spirits, among which attend many unstable, unbound and irresponsible ones, they are not eligible to enlighten and guide man, to his very destination.

Pure enlightenment can only be expected from the Dignitaries of the Spiritual World. These alone constitute the Principle of the Heavenly Kingdom. They know the pain of each person as well as their (the persons’) psychospiritual deficiencies. Thus, have the ability to help and salvage.

The true purpose of Spiritualism is to unite all human doctrines and beliefs into one single Principle. This means the popularization and implementation of humanism. All the great Mystics, the Prophets and the Saints sought, as Spiritualists, the right principle, to elevate man spiritually and to enlighten him mentally. Unfortunately, the various religions, dogmas and (religious) cults, through their factions, and due to the personal interests, have tarnished the sacred purpose of religion and led their followers to a dead end. It is, therefore, an absolute necessity for a general reform to take place within all religions. In this work, it is solely Spiritualism that can effectively help, since it wishes for no discrimination between people, as long as the authoritarians of the Spiritual Associations are not ambitious, selfish with an inclination to secure primacy and to not rely on the promotion of their mediums, who are largely the “device of all Winds”*.

If the Spiritual Associations do not rid themselves of their human weaknesses, no positive effect will their pursuits have and they will entangle the religions even more in the realm of evil enlightenment.

Many are those who are self-titled “Spiritualists”, ignoring entirely the meaning of the word. Thus, instead of offering their services to Spiritualism, they discredit it with their particular and unusual perception of their own work.

*Note: The phrase “device of all Winds” refers to mediums being influenced by all kinds of spirits in spiritualist communications.

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