What is “The Divine Light”

Let us view all things in order, so as to facilitate one who is interested in understanding what this Center called
“Spiritualist Society of Athens – The Divine Light” is and what it represents.

We are a Center of Christian Orthodox belief.

We believe in the Holy Trinity and in the Teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ. His Teaching, His Sacrifice and His Resurrection have illuminated the souls, the spirits and the hearts of people worldwide, setting the foundations of His Presence forever.

Unfortunately, however, the time that intervened, with disorientation and foul management of His Teaching by dark forces, diverted it from its pure implementation.

Under the rampant technical progress, man lost his interest in the necessary development of his esoterism, as it happened in antiquity, which paved the road for the appearance of the Lord.

Man has even reached the point of seeking in space for the confirmation or certainty of the existence of extraterrestrial beings, without realizing, believing nor understanding the rationality of the existence of angels and divine Powers that govern and maintain the Universe, instead of it being governed by extraterrestrials of his imagination.

Indeed, where do people go after death?

Man is not annihilated! His life does not end with the death of the material body. It continues in His Kingdom, as He had said, where the evolution of entities continues, with reward or penalty of the trial of reincarnation.

There is a purpose in the Creation. It is not accidental, as some people claim. Neither is its Creator.

Divinity does not stand idle nor has it forsaken us! The Lord had heralded the sending of the Paraclete (Holy Spirit) to awaken man, who lost his orientation.

Man was lost inside the frenzy of matter and his ephemeral, material enjoyment. Without troubling himself on why he exists, even perceiving the death of his material body as an annihilation of his existence, instead of the logical transition of the entity in another dimension, ridden of its mortal and temporal body. From that point where he came from, incarnated in this body for a purpose.

Let each person discover this purpose freely.

The struggle of life is the distinction between Good and Evil and the implementation of moderation of Good in practice. The Lord did teach all this, yet it was misinterpreted.

For centuries man is enlightened and communicates, consciously or not, with the Universe. With angels and with superior entities-spirits.

These are the Teachings that were transmitted 2000 years following his Ascension, under the auspices of the Holy Spirit and the Love of the great Teachers of the Heavenly Kingdom to their brothers on Earth.

The “Divine Light” is Awakening, Revolutionary and Critical of all wrongdoings that delay, disorient and corrupt the free spirit of man- yet it aims at the resurrection of his dormant Conscience.

Since these communications from the Spiritual World started, the channel, Georgios Pisanis, was surrounded and supported by people, who believed in this New Teaching that was offered to man from Heaven.

As years go by, new people take over their position as new safekeepers and administrators of the publications of these Teachings, drawing guidance and direction through them, which are intended for all people on Earth.

Receive these Teachings, as we have received them freely, and study them, drawing your own conclusions as free spirits, clear of any forms of subjective human teaching by others.

The Truth is simple and majestic.

We remain at your disposal for any information that might be helpful to you.

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