Indicative Texts

Indicative Texts

In this unit we present Texts from our publications

Isaac Newton: Awaken, my fellow-countrymen

From our publication “Incorruptible Discourses: The Echo”


I, the undersigned, an elder brother of yours and now dwelling in the Heavens, occupy a notable place in the Kingdom of the Lord. I have a command from the Lord, to awaken your conscience and to show you which is the right road, the one which unfortunately you do not know because you have strayed from the Truth.

The myths and the stories of phantoms are no longer appropriate for your time. Faith in the Creator is not fantasy. Let your interest in the Lord Jesus Christ become Faith. In the future you will be astonished that so many texts of our Kingdom have come into your hands. Heaven has transmitted them all, to the whole human race.

Study our texts, so that you may find the Light that has completely vanished from you. Leave reputation and egotism to one side, for these two things will destroy you entirely and then it will be too late for you to rediscover yourself. Enlighten yourselves, for this enlightenment is for all, provided, to be sure, they wish for the help of Heaven. Heaven is ready to give you such help, while all you have to do is to place yourselves within the framework of our Teachings. I know very well what your thoughts and decisions are. But you do not know what you will create and what the results of your actions will be. For this reason I manage to save at least those who are pious, from destruction and eternal condemnation.

My brethren, one God exists and his Son the Lord with his Spirit, the Holy and powerful Spirit of Enlightenment. Do not be deceived. Theories are deceptive, however true they may appear to be. Knowledge is boundless. Choose pure knowledge, so as to enter into the True Light. Seek its Source, so that you may not be pinioned by the impure knowledge of wisdom, earthly and distorted. What is the summation of your old empire with regard to today’s state of your economic, ethical, political and spiritual strength? Is there not an enormous difference between the former age and the present age? Why has the rate of progress declined so greatly? Because, my beloved, you have turned aside from the Principle of Justice and have entered the battlefield on the side of what is unjust, hateful and irretrievable.

Men are not divided by races, castes and spiritual superiority. However insignificant a man may be, he has his meaning in creation. You are not worthy to recognize this meaning, but the Lord alone recognizes it. The destiny of man is unrelated to that which you attribute to him. Science regresses because it has lost its light. The sun enlightens, but what does it enlighten? When you are not in a position to discover its true illumination do not attempt to discover the more difficult enigmas of Creation. You possess gifts but you commit unforgivable mistakes. These mistakes of yours are called sins. Atone for your sins, if you wish to free yourself from the pressure of the evil spirit, so that your gifts may become treasures for humanity.


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