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A brief description of the book: Orpheus’ CONCISE INTERPRETATION OF GREEK MYTHOLOGY

The ancient poet and mystic Orpheus clarifies for the first time esoteric symbols of Greek Mythology…

The actions and eroticism of Gods, the labors of Hercules, the Eleusinian Mysteries and the Argonauts are among the others explained through the prism of natural symbolism and historical reality…

This work reveals the spiritual treasure of Greek Mythology, which contains the true philosophy disguised in various forms and symbols with unmatched depth.


  • Orpheus and Eurydice
  • The Word as the Thunderbolt of Zeus
  • The Good and the Evil
  • Woman, the companion of man
  • Zeus and women
  • Ganymedes
  • The goddess Athena
  • The eroticism of the gods
  • Apollo and Artemis
  • Hermes
  • Ares (Mars)
  • Aphrodite
  • Relationship between Hermes and Aphrodite
  • The cradle of the ancient gods
  • Hephaestus – Hestia
  • Poseidon
  • Pluto
  • Pluto (cont) – Dionysus
  • Gaea
  • Metempsychosis – Demeter and Persephone
  • The Eleusinian Mysteries
  • Iris and Eris
  • The Charities – The Hours
  • Heroes – Muses
  • Helios
  • Hercules and his labors
  • The symbolism of number twelve
  • Minos and Pasiphae – Theseus
  • The Oracles
  • Laius – Jokasta – Oedipus
  • The Social importance of the mythological part: Laius – Jokasta – Oedipus
  • The campaign of the Argonauts
  • Bellerophontes and Chimaera – Sisyphus – Asclepius
  • Tantalus – Castor and Polydeukes
  • The beautiful Helen – Daedalus – Rhadamanthus
  • Odysseus


  • PHARAH: The symbolism of an idea
  • ORPHEUS: About the campaign of the Argonauts
  • PHARAH: Chronos (Time)
  • PHARAH: Klotho, Lahesis, Atropos
  • PHARAH: The Lernaean Hydra
  • ORPHEUS: The Centaurs
  • ORPHEUS: The fight of Hercules with Antaeus
  • ORPHEUS: Theseus and the Minotaur
  • ORPHEUS: The symbolism of the double axe of the Minoans
  • AESOP: The myths teach indirectly
  • SOCRATES: The myth of Prometheus
  • CONFUCIUS: The human passions of the gods
  • PHARAH: Mythology and Christianity
  • PHARAH: The meaning of the Sphinx
  • PHARAH: The ancient gods of the Greeks
  • AESOP: The myth is a kind of symbolism
  • OVID: The depth of Greek Mythology
  • PHARAH: The meaning of “hermaphrodite”
  • PHARAH: The meaning of “zophos” (darkness)
  • EUCLID: Eros as god
  • PHARAH: The myth of the Sphinx
  • ORPHEUS: Daedalus and Icarus
  • EUCLID: The Sphinx has spoken


Helios (the Sun) is the biggest star of your planetary system. The god Helios is, therefore, the most ancient of the Stars of his magnitude. This star constituted a part of another huge star. It was detached from there when the Lord was about to create Earth, which is matter detached from the sun.

The sun is the first life-giving ray of the sustaining life. Many of the people of Earth realized this property of the sun and deified it. It is correct that it keeps you alive as the most apparent, through its irradiation’s. This is not everything for the spirit, however. The sun illuminates but it does not develop knowledge. There is also another sun, of spiritual illumination, Apollo. This is why mythology deals more with Apollo, as music leader, rather than with Helios.

God Helios is an impersonal force of another energy, which gives it new powers each time; this energy is Logos.

People say “No secret under the Sun”. Indeed, Helios reveals many things of the mortals and of the gods and transmits them only where he knows. Despite his light, many criminals and unjust persons were able to escape from his light but not from the divine Light, too. If centuries pass, the Light of the Divine will reveal all things to humanity. As proofs, it will bring to the light of the spirit the traces of the injustice and the bad instincts.

The picture of god Helios is famous, when he prepares to start with his four male horses tied to his chariot. The Hours open the gates and the Rose-fingered Ios heralds the rising of the sun, who is ascending his predetermined path, until the middle of his path, in which case all mortals are tired by the heat of his rays and then he descends towards sunset.

The driving of his chariot with the untamed male horses symbolizes his labor, which is executed only by a mature man. The female, not being able to withstand this superiority of the Helios, through treachery pushed his son to ask one day to drive his chariot.

Phaethon became a victim of the voice of the female. Despite the arguments of his father, Helios, to deter him from the evil, the reckless nature of the young man forced the permission of his father with oath, with his known end.

In a very distant era, the atmosphere, through a rare phenomenon, increased the heat unimaginably and decreased it to a point of freezing. All these took place interchangeably in the same day. In the end, thunderbolts and rains cleaned the atmosphere and nature returned to its normal path.

The myth of Phaethon, as you see, has the hidden truth, which nobody sought to find. I drag it out of the depths of the dark past, where it was buried in forgetfulness.

Zeus and women

Men have given anthropomorphic properties to Zeus because they could not imagine their god with another form, incomprehensible.

We observe in Mythology that Zeus was amorous and enjoyed many forms of the female sex. His conquests have a symbolism, which man was unable to explain.

Man is by nature a polygamous being but also a rational one. As a rational being, which aims for the founding of his hearth, he ought to keep this immaculate, so that he does not give the bad example to his wife and she goes astray from her bond, thus harming society.

When man goes with another woman because of enforced necessity and does not disturb his family hearth, then he does not produce any harm to society. On the contrary, he neutralizes the unknown cause of this attraction, gaining greater experience on the psycho-synthesis of woman. The social bonds of the two genders must not be disturbed from either side. In other words, no moral pain should be produced, which means an offense of moral weight.

Zeus has not deprived anyone from the satisfaction of women. Through various ways he invented appropriate forms for the conquest of the liking of the female. Symbolism: the intervention of the divine upon woman, as an intermediate, gives birth to beings with properties of divine inspiration. Therefore, Zeus does not conquer women as a common conqueror but as a bearer of the divine enlightenment. In order for him to create new life with a secret purpose, he ought to have come in contact with his chosen – for this purpose – woman.

Zeus has been established as a steadfast god of Heaven and Earth because he has been secured as originating from the Third Dynasty of gods7. This anthropomorphic god is parallelized with Christ, without being any relation between them. The parallelism lies with the Government. Christ descended upon Earth as a human being. The grandeur of Christ exists in his salvation, in his indescribable Love to man, in his proverbial teaching, in humbleness, fortitude and respect towards the Unknown Father of Us all.

Today Christ is the figure of man, who has all the potentialities of God in His hands. Christ will never be moved into myth, like Zeus. Zeus is a symbol whereas Christ is reality. Christ has caused pain to nobody because he was the personification of the human pain himself and through this means he received the scepters of the authority of Heaven.

I am analyzing the most important parts of Mythology in general lines, so that I do not leave questions without explanations. There are many variations in the pictures of the mythological figures, which I cannot avoid if they have a moral basis indeed.

Sexology does not lie under the moral understanding of ethos but in the moderation of the balance and the rational exercise of the word. Human law wrongly imposes penalties, not knowing the impulse of someone for the completion of purpose of his. The morphology of the sexual ethics is an unknown Source of the sufferings of your world. The understanding of the existence of the Spiritual World will rid you of the bad usage of the Source of sufferings, in order to transmute these to good and pleasant deductions.

Zeus is dead; Christ is resurrected. Believe the Truth, in order to understand your deception while you are inside falsehood.

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