Title: Archimedes & Solon of Athens THE LOST CIVILIZATION OF ATLANTIS (2nd Edition)

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A brief description of the book: Archimedes & Solon of Athens THE LOST CIVILIZATION OF ATLANTIS (2nd Edition)

A distant, forgotten continent in the dawn of time…Its name became a legend, its history was lost somewhere between truth and fantasy…

In this unique, authentic recount, pages from the daily life of Atlantis come to light for the first time… Days of unprecedented well-being, as well as moral decline…A time of unequaled technical achievements but also of a softening of the morals…

Solon the Athenian and Archimedes having per-existed – in different time periods – in this legendary continent, enlighten us about all these, until now unknown matters of the Atlantean civilization, but most of all they call for our attention…

…because, where the spirit of man degrades without morals, any material achievement beyond the Moderation is doomed to fail.

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The Lost Civilization of Atlantis


I, Archimedes, physicist and mathematician (although these designations did not exist in my time) undertake to describe a vanished civilization, which existed in an unimaginable age. I have called this work: The Lost Civilization of Atlantis.

My readers may well ask: How is it possible for you, Archimedes, to be acquainted with an age so distant from your own, and to compare it with the present age of your contemporaries?

My dear readers, my answer to those whose imagination is not sufficiently developed to grasp the concepts of the Spiritual World, is that I have had a former existence, and I was one of the chosen sages at the time of Atlantis. Thus, while the entire universe was sunk in bestial darkness, a matchless civilization was in existence on a continent named Atlantis.

Forty thriving cities and innumerable small villages made up the earthly paradise of that part of the world. A great river crossed it from one end to the other. Towering mountains gave it the appearance of an enormous garden. Bridges of incredible architectural beauty and much else that your present technical civilization would wonder at, existed in that distant continent.

The wheel was first discovered in the country of Atlantis, together with many other things of whose origins you are ignorant. Daedalus, who is often mistakenly referred to as a mythological personage, was acquainted with the old Atlantean civilization. Even though he knew very few of the secrets of our civilization, he nevertheless profited by them – without, of course, bestowing upon them their final form. He was aided by his intellect. The Atlanteans, dear readers, were so far advanced that you yourselves, present-day inhabitants of the twentieth century, are, for all your progress, sunk in the darkness of ignorance.

We had Universities, which were called Social Institutions of Enlightenment, and Theatres, which were called Mimetic Forms, in which women participated. The Ancient Greeks forbade women to take part in their theatrical performances, because they knew something of the nature of woman from the rumors, which had come down to them from the Atlantean civilization.

Five of the most important cities were situated on the banks of the great navigable river, which flowed, into the Atlantic. To think that all those mountains and such a paradise were transformed into sand! The river to which I have just alluded still exists, but it flows underground at a very deep level.

We had no invasions from foreign lands, because our borders were protected by death – dealing rays. Trade flourished, as did Literature, the Arts and the Sciences. A great part of the Greek alphabet, with a few variations, belonged to Atlantis. We had thirty three letters. The Arabic numerals belong to us Atlanteans. If the writing of other peoples are now being discovered – writings which have existed without coming to light – many others will be found which are the work of Atlanteans.

We worshiped Divinity in special Centers, which were in the charge of the Initiates of the time. These were communicants who received their instructions from superior Spiritual Beings, who inspired them with the spirit of progress within their esotericism. This was doubted, however, by many of the Sages of the time, with the exception of myself; for my researches into matter did not leave me time to concern myself with anything higher, although of course I did not know that anything like that existed. This was precisely what distinguished me from the other sages of that time.

I invented the artificial thunderbolt. Are you able to create a thunderbolt like the one found in nature? Where did we deposit it, though? –In special storehouses of energy, and it was used in engineering works which I may not describe to you, for it is not permitted.

For exploring the Earth we hand experts equipped with light flying machines, the most perfect of their kind. They were fueled by a chemical combination whereby the flight speed was four times that of your fastest speeds today. You must understand that for us distance did not exist.

We explored the country that today you call Mexico. It possessed a civilization, but one that was far inferior to other civilizations encountered by us in other parts of your world. None of all these races was as developed as the Atlanteans. If one of our airmen happened to remain on enemy territory owing to a breakdown of his machine (which happened rarely), he killed himself by swallowing a liquid, which took effect immediately, after having first burnt or destroyed his machine. Take note, and do not forget, that Atlantis surpassed in civilization all the civilizations that had hitherto appeared on your planet.


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The Happy Country of the Atlanteans

Solon the Athenian:

Twenty thousand years before your present era, the country of Atlantis enjoyed a most exceptional civilization. For this reason I have named the present work “The happy country of the Atlanteans”

Both I myself and other famous sages of History led a previous existence as citizens of Atlantis. I preceded brother Archimedes by a long time. I will not speak about myself, but will focus only on the description of that civilization, so as to give you a vague idea of the world as it was then. It was the Lord’s choice – the choosing, that is, of the Highest Principle of the Whole Cosmos – that we should be the elected people in virtue of psycho-spiritual advancement.

The capital of Atlantis was the Atlantean Gate. We possessed enormous Centers of Instruction. Our country was under no threat from enemies, because the inhabitants of other countries were so backward that they feared to enter our territories, which were completely surrounded by a wall of death-dealing rays. Besides, we had no contact with any of the peoples of that time.




The distribution of riches was just. If a citizen for various reasons was unable to rise in the world, the Law conferred the right on the State to ascertain what it was that prevented an increase in his worldly goods, and then to assist him as a member of the great body of the State. Because of this there were no poor in my day. Everybody worked and received the good things with which Nature endowed man. Everybody was concerned for the individual, and the individual, without the slightest oppression on the part of the State, sacrificed himself for the common good.

My Laws were inspired by the Divine Principle. All that time, however, we did not know the nature of that Principle. Yet the initiated were continually in contact with Spirits who guided them in their holy work.




One of my first Laws was: “Every citizen must know what he does and why”. Lectures were given on this subject so that all should be informed of the requirement that every citizen should be aware of himself as a member of one body, which was no other than the body of the State. The Lawgiver decreed the Laws and those who executed these Laws were the lawful Governors of our Dominions. The governing council passed resolutions and also enforced them. The resolutions were imparted from the capital to all the cities of Atlantis. Each city was self-governing, but all together were subject to the capital – that is to say, the capital linked together all the other cities and villages in the country.




Atlantis stretched from the shores of the Mediterranean, over the area known today as the Sahara, and beyond it to the Atlantic Ocean. When it was destroyed, half of it was buried immeasurably deep in the Earth and the other half was submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. Here we will speak of the country’s happy times, when the citizens lived in peace and harmony.

First of all I must be clear about many things, which are unknown to you. Our technical civilization was comparable to your own. We had long been familiar with electricity, which was used by Science in thorough ways. Our inner development went hand in hand with our technical advances. In this sense your world has never attained a higher civilization than ours.

In the days of Archimedes, technical progress weakened the progress within, because as the spirit advances it forgets that it owes everything to the inner depths of the Unearthly Voice – the Voice, that is to say, of Conscience. And when the conscience of man is dulled, the spirit strays from its course and progress is turned to destructive energy, which affects all things.

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